Fork Bomb For Crash Any Computer

There are many types of computer viruses, trojans, RATs, etc. but one of the most destructive computer viruses I have ever seen is Fork Bomb and the main thing which makes it more terrible is that once the victim device is affected by it then the only option remains is that remove batter of the target device and restart it. It is a simple code that can crash any computer even if it has the latest security patch. This code is known as Fork Bomb. So if you are excited let's get started.

So first of all let us explain why Fork Bomb can crash any Operating system which provides a command prompt or command running console. It's because the code of the fork bomb runs lots of programs in the computer at the same time in a loop so all of the RAM (Random Access Memory) of the computer is used and that's why the computer freezes. This is not a vulnerability it's an automation script that is used by hackers in an unethical way.

Fork Bomb

Just copy and paste the given code in the terminal and press enter or you can also save it as a bash file and then bind it with any other bash script as a backdoor or for windows save it as filename.bat.

: () { :| :& }; :

Code functions

  • :() means you are defining a function called :
  • {:|: &} means to run the function : and send its output to the : function again and run that in the background
  • The ; is a command separator
  • : runs the function the first time

This is basically a DDos Attack because it works on the principle of a DDoS attack.

Note:- Don't test it on your own computer and use it at your own risk this information is only for educational purposes only.

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