How To Trace Location Using IP Address In Kali Linux

Lot's of peoples ask me that can we trace location by just using IP address of victim and how accurate location details we can trace from an IP address. In short answer yes it's possible to trace location from victim IP address and in long answer, We can trace location but not realtime GPS. We just only gather information from IP address like:- Zip Code, Region, Area, Network Operator, Country, City. But it's sometime not so accurate.

How To Trace Location Using IP Address

We can trace location with ip address using some website like ipgrabber or iplogger but i recommend you to use linux or Termux(android apk) to do this by following given steps.

1. Open your terminal and install IPGeoLocation tool or script using given command
$ git clone https://github.com/maldevel/IPGeoLocation.git 

2. Now go to IPGeoLocation folder and install requirements using given commands.
$ cd IPGeolocation
$ pip3 install -r requirements --user

3. Now once installation is done tool is ready to use
$ ./ipgeolocation.py -h

It's show you all helping commands and you can trace by typing ./ipgeolocation.py -t (IP Addr.) and press enter.

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