Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Your Smartphone And Computer

Whenever we transfer files between our PC and Phone, we need to connect a USB cable through our Computer to the Phone but today I show you a method in which we can transfer files without connecting any USB cable (Wirelessly).


  • Computer  WiFi Connected With Smartphone Hotspot

Enable Smartphone Hotspot

You can directly on your Smartphone Hotspot from the notification panel or follow the given steps to enable Hotspot from device settings.
  • Go to Settings > Connection > Personal Hotspot
  • Enable it and remember the password (You can also modify Hotspot settings)

Connect With PC

Go to the notification panel for your computer, if it's showing the open network of your smartphone then connect it otherwise follow the given steps.
  • Click on WiFi
  • Click on the Scan or Refresh button
  • Look for your Smartphone Network name and click on connect
  • Enter the password and click on connect
Once you successfully connected with your Smartphones Hotspot then you can proceed with further steps.

Transfer Files

Now you need to download and install Wifi-File-Transfer Application on your Smartphone and after successful installation launch it and click on the start button it shows you a URL of your IP address.
Now open any browser on the PC and enter the URL shown in the application and press the search button. It shows you a file explorer on your browser where you can read-write and share files between your PC and Smartphone.
I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still have any questions then feel free to comment below and if you find it helpful then make sure to share it with at least one friend's group. Thanks for the visit have a nice day.

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