Anti-Theft Security Apps For Android

Suppose you’re at a party and someone has stolen your smartphone then what will you do to get back it? Probably first you'll try to call your phone with your friend's mobile and if you’re lucky enough and your mobile is just lost then someone will return it or if it was stolen by a thief then a 99.9% chance you will not get it back and the thief turn off it.

This can happen to anyone and you better enable or install an anti-theft mobile application to get back your device instantly, even thief switch off your device. In this article, I’ll introduce you to some powerful anti-theft security apps for android that can bring your device back to you with some clicks.

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Find My Device

Almost every android in the market comes with inbuilt google apps like Drive, Google Photos, Google Chrome, Play Store, etc. The Find My Device is a google inbuilt android application that helps you to locate your device when it has an active Internet connection.

Find my device allows you to trace the exact GPS location, Phone ringer, erase data remotely, and some other features. It is automatically activated when you first create a google account on your android and you can also find it in settings>Accounts<Google Account, make sure you didn’t turn it off accidentally.

If your device is lost or stolen then you can download the Find My Device app from the play store on your friend’s android or you can also use the Find My Device Web version on your PC to locate your device using the first Gmail account you used to start your android.

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Cerberus Security

Cerberus is basically a third-party application for android with rich features, first, it was launched on Google Play Store but then removed for violation of Google policies because of its remote access features.

This anti-theft application provides you with remote control, SMS control, automatic alerts, etc. powerful abilities that help you access your lost or stolen device. On a fresh installation, this application asks you for different permissions and admin access to your device so in an emergency you can lock your device, locate and trace your device, backup important data, erase data, etc. remote features.

It can take front camera videos or snap and easily catch the thief. Due to the way the app provides its features Google does not allow it on the play store.

You can enjoy 7 days free trial. Plan start at 5$/month.


Croocather helps you in getting back your device and also catches the thief in action in real time. When someone tries to unlock your device with the wrong password, it will take immediately the front camera snap and send it to your email. The email contains a picture of the thief, google maps location.

You can tweak how many incorrect password entries are allowed before a picture is taken and send an email. The biggest difference between other anti-theft apps and CrooCather is only fired when an incorrect password is entered otherwise it will not run in the background and it not drain the battery of your device.

CrooCather is available for free but with some ads.

Where’s My Droid

It is also a powerful anti-theft android security application available on the Google play store with lightweight and powerful abilities like sending alerts when the sim changes, anti-uninstall, and multi-device support.

It is available in free and paid versions with some extra features.


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Hammer Security - Your personal bodyguard

Hammer security is also a powerful mobile security anti-theft application and it is the first smart security app well-known on the Internet. This app provides fake switch-off, incorrect password snap, remote control, GPS tracking, etc. amazing features.

The main difference between other anti-theft apps and hammer security is fake shutdown, when a thief tries to shut down a stolen device then it shows a fake shutdown and sends a message to your emergency contact you were added.

I hope this article is helpful for you and make sure to join our Telegram channel for more amazing posts make sure, also note down the passcodes of these anti-theft apps in case you forget passwords and get in trouble. Thanks for reading, share with your friend.