Google Apps You Don’t Know About

Google published many popular apps like Maps, Gmail, Chrome, etc. globally and they are very useful and trusted but there are some secret or underground
google apps on the play store you probably don’t know about that.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some hidden and very useful google apps available on the play store that can be very helpful for you.

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PhotoScan  by Google Photos

Google PhotoScan application is very useful in case when you like to scan documents and photos. This application can automatically scan any picture and store it in high quality like an actual scanner and if you are a student then this application is really helpful for you in case of documents are scanned and uploaded in online forms.

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Socratic by Google

This application is especially for students and provides you with a very powerful AI using that you can solve any meth question, equation, and problem by just selecting any photo you have. You see the solutions list and also a youtube video (if available) in this application.

Voice Access

You probably know about google assistant and Siri, they both are really amazing AI voice command control assistants and this application is also similar to it but it provides you more access on your device than google assistant and is able to directly perform any command task you speak.

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Grasshopper - Learn to code

If you want to learn coding on your mobile phone then must try this amazing application in which you can learn code and ask about different coding languages.

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