How Your Google Chrome Data Can Be Hacked Very Easily

Google Chrome is the most widely used browser across the globe on computers and smartphones because it provides google security and as well many powerful extension features you can install different extensions like grammar mistake checker, link shortener, screenshot, etc. according to your requirements and make things easier for you.

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Google Chrome also provides sync data ability to their users so it makes it easier to remember long passwords and auto-fill forms like addresses and names. This feature provides more flexibility to the users so they can access their credentials on other devices on which the Chrome browser is installed.

So let's discuss how a hacker or anyone who doesn't even have hacking knowledge can hack your google chrome sync data. Hacking anyone's chrome data is not directly possible and many alternative methods are used in different situations.

Today I'll explain to you how your chrome browser data can be hacked by anyone easily. Let's suppose one of your friend or any person who can directly interact with you in the real world ask you "can you please give me your mobile, I just want to search for something on google" so you probably give him your device without thinking twice.

Here the actual game begins, now the person who has your chrome browser access can export your all data from chrome and send a copy of it on their email (that can be a temporary email) 

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Google Chrome browser provides an export autofill data feature and you can see it:
  • Click on the three dots menu at the top right corner
  • Click on settings and then select autofill
  • Click on Password Manager
  • Click on the three dots given near to add  button and click on export
The same processor can be a little different in the case of android mobiles.

Now you can send that data in a document format to anyone.

So it's how things can be done in a very fast and easy way. The purpose of this export data feature by chrome is it provides users more flexibility while users have two different accounts.

But I think this feature can be used more in illegal ways. I hope this information is helpful for you and hope you learn something new from this article.

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