Exploit Nearby Vulnerable WiFi Using WIBR Pro Application In Android (Root)

One of the most asked questions from people to me is "How to hack college/school or nearby WiFi using android", so in this article, I'll introduce you to a powerful application that I'm using for 3 years and honestly it is really amazing and helpful for testing/cracking WiFi security.

How to exploit WiFi using Android

There are hundreds of apps available on the Internet but the majority of these apps only claim that they can break into WiFi but are not actually able to do it.

There is an application that I personally use and never get disappointed ever by its results, which is WIBR Pro for rooted as well non-rooted android. 

WIBR Pro Apk

This is a high-level application for testing the security of WiFi (WPA WPA2 PSK) and it tries to connect WPS-vulnerable WiFi using algorithms and find the WPA key.

You have to wait 45 seconds.

Generating Working Download Link...


  • Auto Connect Pin (Root)
  • Test Pin Brute-force
  • Copy Saved Passwords
  • Decrypt Passwords
  • Offline Pin Calculator
In other words, we can say it's a complete tool kit application for android that can break WiFi security.

Note: This information is only for educational purposes and to demonstrate how attackers/hackers can exploit your unprotected WiFi using their mobile phones.

I hope this information is helpful for you and make sure to share this article with your friends and save bookmarks for future updates.