Get Kali Net Hunter, Android and Super User Terminal On Any Android (Root)

PC/Laptops are suitable devices for hacking but you don't get your PC everywhere. In many science fictions or hacking movies hackers/attacks use a small hacking machine that looks like a mobile device or raspberry pie machine. In this article, we learn how we can use any rooted android as a hacking machine and get a Kali Net Hunter terminal on it.

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What is Kali Net Hunter

Kali Linux is the widely used operating system for pen-testing/hacking. Kali developers officially provided an operating system for Mobile phones for pen-testing/hacking called "Kali Net Hunter". It is available on the official website of Kali with a list of supported mobile devices.

How to get Kali Net Hunter Terminal on android

Android is a different operating system but has Linux Kernal in it so we can use Net Hunter Terminal on it but that doesn't mean we can use all functions of the actual Net Hunter operating system on android.

You can download Kali Net Hunter from here and grant it root access to your device if you don't know how to root then read this guide.

Android SU Terminal

You can access the superuser (Root User) option in Kali Net Hunter Terminal and execute any script or program in inbuilt functions and files of your android.

Note: It is case-sensitive so think before you type any command otherwise your device can be completely dead.

Android ADB Terminal

Android Development Bridge (ADB) is basically an intermediate between the android operating system of your device and the developer or person who wants to execute or run any command in android. 

In other words, we can say that it is a Command Line Interface for android, and the user can directly delete edit, import, export, etc. files, and programs on android.

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