How To Use Android As A Rubber Ducky (Root)

In one of my favorite web shows, "Mr. Robot,” the main character "Elliot” uses a pen drive to execute a malicious code/script on a target computer and then provides a reverse shell to the attacker's computer.

It is a "Rubber Ducky USB," and Elliot wrote a script on that Rubber Ducky pen drive that runs automatically when he plugs it into the target computer.

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What Is Rubber Ducky

A USB Pen drive in which hackers flash a program and later it acts as a keyboard when the attacker plugs it into any target computer system.

In other words, we can say a "rubber ducky" is a USB pen drive that runs automatically on computers and follows the sequence of steps that an attacker or hacker has written in it.

How To Use Android As Rubber Ducky

Android that supports Human Interface Devices (HID) can be used as a rubber duck on the root. 

You can Google your device model's HID capabilities. HID allows a phone to act as an input device (Keyboard) on any system that was connected to it using a USB cable.

Rubber Ducky Application (Root)

If you have an HID-supported device, the second requirement is having root access to the device.

Rooting is the process of jailbreaking your Android system and gaining complete control over the built-in functions and programs on your device.

Note: Rooting is case-sensitive, which can void your warranty or completely kill your device. 

If you don't know how to root your device then read this rooting guide and make sure to choose the right files and methods for the rooting process (Do full research about your android model rooting on Google/YouTube).

Download the Rubber Ducky application on your device and grant it root permissions. After that, you can write yourself any sequence of commands or Google for any suitable script and test it on your computer.

I hope this article is helpful for you and if you have an interest in learning actual hacking but don’t have any idea where to start, join our course and learn everything from scratch with a completion certificate.