How To Delete An Instagram Fake Account

Instagram is a widely and the fastest growing online social media platform by Meta and daily thousands of accounts are created and deleted on Instagram. Users can post photos, stories, videos, and reels. Basically, Instagram is more than a just chatting platform people also do business using Instagram professional tools by creating professional accounts.

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What would you do to get rid of the fraudster or fake account user if they built a false account using photographs that you shared online or if someone steals your personal data and blackmails you? I'll fully explain how to get rid of a certain false account in this article, and even after reading it, you'll learn about hacking skills that will make it easier for you to find the fake account user.

If reading articles and viewing videos that purport to aid you in this scenario has been frustrating for you, this is the conclusion of your search, and you are now at the proper spot. If you read and comprehend what we are about to describe in this article, I think you will likely discover a satisfactory solution.

How Instagram fake account is created

In general, technical people and hackers create fake accounts using temporary disposable emails, and when a regular person (who lacks technical knowledge) creates a fake account using their email or phone number because they believe it is impossible to extract information like an email or phone number associated with an Instagram account.

Find a Phone number or email linked with an Instagram fake account

Extracting an integrated email or phone number linked with an Instagram account is not possible because of Instagram's privacy policy but we can get a hint of the linked email or phone number using forget password option by following the steps given below.

  • Go to the Instagram login page and enter the target account username.
  • Click on the login button by entering the wrong password and then click on forget the password.
  • Now Instagram asks you to send a forget password reset link to a linked email or phone number and you can see the last digits of the phone number (if linked) with that account and the first and last alphabets of the email.

How to delete an Instagram fake account

If someone impersonated you and created a fake account using your images, you must first warn your friends by posting a story with a screenshot of the fake account. You should also add the screenshot to your account highlights so that anyone who misses your story can see it and be made aware of the fake account.

Because in most cases fake account users ask for money from your friends by pretending to be you. To delete a fake account on Instagram we can get help from Instagram support and also ask your friends to report that account.

How to find who is behind that fake account

As we already described in starting paragraph that extracting data directly from Instagram is not possible but there are some alternative ways to catch and trace the location of the fake account users.

There are two different ways
  1. Using IPLogger App (Trace IP Address Only)

  2. Using Kali Linux (Trace Exact GPS Location, Hack Front Camera, Hack Mic) 

Using IPLogger Android App

It is a website as well as an android application that basically gets user agent and region details of an IP address that may not so accurate.

You can generate a link or shorten any link using IP Logger and then send it to the fake account user and somehow make him click on that link, once the fake account user clicks on that link you can see their IP address, Mobile Model, State, Longitude and latitude details.

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Using Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an operating system that is used by Hackers, pen-tester, and developers in which you’ll get a graphical as well as command line interface system with root access.

In the Linux system, you can execute and run different automated scripts to perform tasks. There is a python script known as seeker available on GitHub that can generate a social engineering link. Using the seeker location tracing link you can get the exact GPS location of the user who opens that link and allows location permission in the browser.

To perform this type of hacking technics you need to have good skills in social engineering or have to manipulate the target user's mind to trick him/her into a successful hack.

Note:- This information is for educational purposes and using this type of hack on someone is completely illegal.

So I hope this information is helpful for you and you surely have many plans in mind now, best of luck from my side, and make sure to join our Telegram channel for future posts.