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Internet and technology growing day by day and companies and agencies are always hungry for new plans and ideas that can boost their growth while providing more useful and powerful services to their customers or clients. As you can see nowadays every sector in this world like Medical, Technical, Mechanical, etc. don’t even imagine working without Technology. In other words, technology and the Internet handle everything in every sector from a single transaction to the complete organization or company infrastructure is directly dependent on the IT (Information Technology) sectors.

In this Information Technology era, there are many new technologies that stand out and one of the most future growing technology is Cloud Computing and IoT (Internet Of Things) which we are going to discuss in today’s article.

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Internet of Things

As the term “Internet of Things” describing that, things like machines, mobiles, cars, smart TVs, Smart Fan, etc. connected with a network like the Internet are considered in the IoT (Internet of Things)

Suppose you are in the kitchen and both of your hands are busy washing dishes or something like that and an assistant like Siri or Google Assistant is placed nearby you. Now if you want to know the current weather outside of your home then you just have to say “Hey Siri, what is the condition of the weather right now” and within seconds assistant Siri replies to you with updated weather conditions at your location.

I think the above example is the easiest for you to understand what IoT actually is and now let’s move to the second term.

Cloud Computing

As we can understand that almost everything in technology is connected to a network that enables sending and receiving data for corresponding operations and activities. The term Cloud Computing states that a system like a computer connected with a cloud server performs automated tasks and provides remote access from anywhere you have an Internet network connection.

As we described in the above example smart assistants respond to the user with the help of the Internet. That smart assistant is actually a small device that is connected to a cloud-based server and when a command is given to it then it sends that data to the server and the server process it and responds back to that machine and the machine gives output to the user.

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Integration of IoT with Cloud Computing

Basically, the combination of IoT and Cloud Computing establishes completely automated systems that required very no or very less interaction with users while improving the quality of services in form of IoT Cloud.

Here are some main objectives of IoT Cloud:

  • Save money by paying only using resources (Only pay for the system you using or working on).
  • No or very less physical space is required.
  • Remote work can be controlled anywhere in the world.
  • More security and no effect of real-world environmental disasters.
  • More Flexibility and ease of management.
  • Reduce bills because of less physical space required.


In conclusion, the combination of cloud computing and the Internet of Things helps in improving the life of mankind and also takes information technology (IT) and their dependent sectors like Medical, Mechanical, etc. to another level of more flexibility and faster task. It also automates many big processes into small or some clicks process and also reduce the chances of mistake and if any mistake happens then it can be easily detected.

I hope this explanation is sufficient and able to express the growing hybrid technology. If you find this information helpful or informative then make sure to save bookmarks of our blog and also join our Telegram community and never miss any updates. Thanks, until next time.