WA Web Plus For WhatsApp Useful Google Chrome Extension

WA Web Plus extension for Google Chrome comes with powerful features while improving users' experience of WhatsApp web for desktop.

If you’re a student, entrepreneur, or somebody who stays in front of a desktop for half of your day in front of your computer screen then this WA Web Plus extension is going to be really helpful for you.

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While we are working on a PC or giving a presentation on online meet platforms such as Google meet, Skype, etc. then the most horrible thing we are afraid about our personal WhatsApp chats, contacts, and other privacy. We don’t want to expose it to people who watch our WhatsApp Web chats and here this extension comes into action.

WA web plus Google Chrome extension provides you complete privacy and some extra useful features like:


Privacy: Blur Chats, Blur Contact Names, Blur Contact Images, Blur Conversations, Hide Online Status, Hide Typing Status, Restore Deleted Messages, etc.

Customization: Enable Like Button, Enable Chat Reacts, Full Screen, Highlight Online Contact, Notify About Online Contacts, etc.

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WhatsApp Business Tools

This feature required a membership subscription and especially for organizations, companies, and business users.

Broadcasting, Smart Replies, Schedule Replies, Group tools, etc.

WhatsApp Import/Export

It is also a paid feature for users who want to export all the data and information of contacts, chats, docs, etc. for business purposes.

Export all contact lists, Export all chats contacts, etc.

WhatsApp Statistics

It is basically an overview of all of your WhatsApp web processes, chats, contacts, etc.

Deleted Contacts, All Chats, Phone Contact, Broadcast, Group Chats, Personal Chats, etc.

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WhatsApp Contact Activity Tracker

This is really amazing and has some kind of geeky feature of this useful Google Chrome extension in which you can track the activity of particular WhatsApp contact or users but it is under beta testing.

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