How To View Private Instagram Account !

One of the most asked questions on the Internet regarding Instagram is “How To View Private Instagram Account”, So I decided to start researching this topic and end up with some conclusions that can answer all your questions at once.

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Instagram Privacy and Security

Instagram is a widely growing social media platform by Meta and by respecting their user’s privacy they provide different security layers and features like Two-Factors Authentication (for social engineering protection), Block Login on multiple incorrect passwords attempts from the same IP (for brute force protection) and many other things.

It is Possible to View Private Instagram Account

Instagram provided great privacy features like account public or private, close friends, Restrictions, etc. and we all know meta is a big company and it is near to impossible to bypass their security flows directly or technically.

So my answer is “It is not possible to view a private Instagram account” and if a website, software, application, etc. claims that it can provide you a view of a private Instagram account then it is completely a scam and asks you to Install malicious apps or buy a subscription and you just end up with a scam.

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Can We View a Private Instagram Account That Was Once A Public Account

If an account was once a public account for some months or years and has an audience of about 2,000 true fans or followers then it is possible to view their old posts using google search.

Some websites on the Internet, fetch the user's public profile posts from different social media platforms like Instagram and make them permanently public on the Internet, and if anyone searches for that account's exact username on Google search or uses Google lens then that public post will be shown.


To view a private account on Instagram is near to impossible but you can see some old posts of that account if it is some months or years old and posted something publicly.

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