Free Unlimited Internet In JIO | Host VPN Trick | 5G Free Internet

Have you ever searched for a method or trick to use the free Internet on your mobile? and it seems impossible to use the Internet without an active internet plan. But this dream has now come true and yes, you can use free Internet on your android device and use an android emulator for PC (we didn’t try on an android emulator).

You all know about Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is used to hide your IP or use proxy servers to surf the internet. In the Host VPN trick, we use free HOST which is accessible when no data pack is available in JIO.

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VPN uses this host as a server in VPN and tunnels your mobile data traffic to it. So without consuming your existing data pack you can enjoy the internet. This is bitted complex to understand leave it to the VPN trick you just need to follow the below steps which are easy to set up.

Requirements to Use Free Internet In JIO

1. Android Device


3. Internet Enabled Service.

Method No.1 using Apna tunnel VPN apk 


To use free internet with this method, you have to download the Apna Tunnel VPN Lite app which is available on Play Store. After downloading and successful installation, on the first launch, it asks for network and memory permission for the network and configures file access.

  • Now in the first Box select an auto server or select an Indian server
  • In the second Box select Select India JIO free internet server 
  • You can select Jio servers one by one if one does not work.
  • Now click on the start button and allow VPN to connect 
  • After a few seconds, you will be connected to free internet

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Method No.2 Using ZAM VPN apk 

This is the second method which has more than four services of Jio Free Internet including 5G services. You can also surf the free internet in Jammu Kashmir using this method.

  • Download ZAM VPN apk from the play store 
  • You will see 2 boxes as soon as you open the app 
  • In the first box, you have to select any Indian server 
  • In the second box, you have to select India JIO free server 
  • If one server does not work then you have to try another Indian server.
  • Now scroll off the slider to On 
  • Allow VPN to connect itself 
  • Now You are able to use JIO free internet

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Important notice

1. When using this free internet make sure your daily data is over or the recharge pack is over else it may deduct data from the main balance or data pack.

2. You can use this free internet trick in Jio 4G & JIO 5G services also which means you can use JIO 5G Free internet too.

3. This is a proxy & VPN trick so make sure you know what you are doing, we suggest don't use Payment related app or Jio Tv as maybe it will not work if you use VPN.

4. First try this trick on your secondary mobile; if you are satisfied, then use your primary mobile.

5. If Jio Free server 1 does not work try other servers too. Sometimes one host port is blocked & others open.

Note: This method is working while we posted this article and may not work in the future. If we found any new updates, we’ll share in a future post.

I hope this information is helpful for you and make sure to share this trick with your friends and groups.