Flash Linux On Any Computer Using Android - DriveDroid (Root)

If you are passionate about hacking or programming then you probably tried different operating systems like Windows, Linux, MAC-OS, Ubuntu, etc. 

I have more than 10 different operating system flash files on my PC and occasionally switch between different operating systems for pen-testing or coding purposes. I have a 64GB Pen-Drive that I use to flash any operating systems I like and the process of writing images in a pen drive and later flashing them on a PC, is a really time-consuming process.

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In this article, I will introduce you to an application and method in which we can store all operating systems files on our android and use it for flashing directly on any PC.


It is a powerful application for android 4.0 or higher versions, that enables users to choose any operating system image file from a device or sd card storage and flash it on any PC that was connected to it.

Just download the DriveDroid application and grant root permissions to it. Then select the operating system image file and connected your Mobile to your PC with a USB cable and select the Android name from the boot option.

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