How To Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp

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Since openAI released ChatGPT, users are crazy about using it for different daily tasks and automation in their projects or works. In today's article, we introduce you to "how to use chatGPT on Whatsapp".

Note that there is no official or direct way to incorporate ChatGPT into your WhatsApp account. However, there are other methods where you can try your hands at.

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How to Use ChatGP on WhatsApp Using Jinni AI

Without wasting any time, let’s learn how you can start using ChatGPT in WhatsApp on your iPhone and Android phone. We will first be using a ChatGPT-powered WhatsApp bot called Jinni, which has been integrated into the messaging app. Here’s how it works:

1. On your mobile, visit the official Ask Jinni website using the provided link. Tap the “Launch WhatsApp” button, and your WhatsApp will automatically open. Tap the Open button if it asks for permission.

2. Your Whatsapp will now automatically open in the Jiini chat screen. Just type “Hello” here, and it will immediately respond.

3. And just like that, you can now talk to Jinni in WhatsApp as you would with ChatGPT without any problems. Do note that you only have 10 complimentary messages before Jinni says you are out of wishes. However, you can purchase a paid subscription for $5.99/month. Nonetheless, try out Jinni and get ChatGPT on your WhatsApp.

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How to Use ChatGPT on WhatsApp Using Shmooz AI

The following service we will be using is Shmooz AI, a website that integrates GPT-3 right into their bot making it act like a mediator. While it doesn’t allow people to use their API, you can go on and set Shmooz up using the steps below to use ChatGPT on WhatsApp.

1. On your mobile, visit the official Shmooz AI website using the link here. Tap the “Start Shmoozing” button, and your WhatsApp will automatically open.

2. Here, tap the “Continue to chat” button, and you will be led to the chat screen right away.

3. A message will be auto-typed in the message box for you. Simply send it, and the bot will respond.

4. And that’s it! You can now talk to Shmooz AI in WhatsApp like you would with ChatGPT, and it will respond right away. As before, do note that Shmooz is a paid service with only 5 complimentary messages. You then need to sign up for a premium tier, which starts at $9.99 per month and gives unlimited access.

More ChatGPT WhatsApp Bots

Besides the interesting ChatGPT-powered WhatsApp bots listed above, we also found some other cool bots that provide access to ChatGPT within the messaging app. However, be aware that these bots are in high demand and might go offline or render slower responses without notice. Some of these bots are:

1. MobileGPT (Link):

One of the first few WhatsApp bots to use GPT-4, MobileGPT is another service you can use to have chats with and get answers to all your questions. MobileGPT can even generate images for you, which are quite impressive.

2. WhatGPT (Link):

This ChatGPT bot for WhatsApp can not only answer your questions but also transcribe voice notes into text. The chatbot can even summarize YouTube videos and create images with AI. However, due to the sudden surge in userbase, WhatGPT has been offline for the past few days, only accepting new sign-ups for its waitlist.

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