Amazon Gift Return: No Confusions

If you usually shop from amazon, you might know all the terms, conditions, and return policies of amazon. As everybody knows, the festive season is going on, so if you received a gift from amazon and the gifted item doesn’t work out or you have changed your mind. The company has an excellent return process. Without wasting much time, let’s proceed further.

Return Policy

You can return a gift by using an order number. You can also return the gift with or without the gift receipt. You could return the gift for a full refund if you had purchased it within 30 days. Go to Amazon’s Online Returns Centre and follow the instructions. 

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To return a gift use the order number:

  1.  Firstly if you don’t have an Amazon account, you need to create one. Then go to Gift Return.

  2.  Enter the order number of the item you want to return.

  3. Choose a return reason and select continue.

  4. Finally, click on “Submit Return Request” and amazon will process your request accordingly.

To return a gift using a gift receipt:

  • Visit the website link on the gift receipt. The gift receipt needs to be shared by the gift giver. Check your email or SMS to find out if the link is shared or not.
  • Once you open the link, you’ll find the option to Return or replace. Follow the instructions and complete your return.

So you can return a gift either by using the order number or by using the gift receipt.

Will the sender get to know if you return the gift on Amazon?

Amazon will credit your gift card balance when you return a gift. The person whose gift you are returning will never be notified or alerted. So there is nothing to worry about. If you return a gif using either the 17-digit order number or the tracking number, Amazon does not notify the gift sender. With this, you may enjoy your Amazon reimbursement credit without getting anxious about making the owner feel bad about returning the gift. 

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Where can you return an Amazon gift?

Amazon offers other options for returning the gift such as Kohl’s, The UPS Store, and Whole Foods Grocery Stores which are convenient and easy.


Kohl’s is one of the largest departmental store retail chains in the United States, with 1162 locations, and operating stores in the US except for Hawaii. Steps for returning to Kohl’s:

Bring your return, and select kohl’s dropoff option. Amazon will email you a QR code, and show the QR code at kohl’s associate in-store. Kohl’s will pack, label, and ship your return for free.

Whole Foods

Amazon owes the Whole Foods grocery store chain but only a few locations allow gift returns.  Only those locations accept unpacked or unlabelled gift items. The procedure is the same as Kohl’s store. Most Whole Foods locations now have Amazon lockers.

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Final Thoughts

Returning the gifts is not as tough as you think. Thanks to Amazon which makes it easy. You can easily return the gifts without knowing the sender. While returning the gifts, follow the instructions on Amazon’s website. You can drop your gifts at local Amazon lockers or at designated stores. Now you can easily return the gifts.