Truecaller Data Leaking Your Contacts and SMS

has a widely used well-known application for android and due to its vast database, it can find almost 70% of contact names and also show spam scores of company numbers.

Some of the latest android smartphones come with an inbuilt truecaller application that automatically gets access to user contacts and SMS and stores them in their database for later search processes.

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If you registered with your Gmail in truecaller app or website then your sync contacts are also fetched by this application.

How Truecaller works?

As we mentioned truecaller also comes with some latest android phones as an inbuilt app with permissions to access user contacts and SMS and then store that information in their database. When you install truecaller application on your android that doesn’t come with the inbuilt truecaller app, then it asks for Contacts and SMS permissions.

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Basically, it fetches your Contacts number with your registered name and stores it in its database and supposes that your 4 friends out of 10 saved your contact with your name and 8 friends have installed or inbuilt turecaller application in their device then truecaller can set a score for your phone number with name saved most with it in all truecaller devices.

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Turecaller is Safe or Not

Truecaller can access Contacts and SMS on your device and read, write, and delete your SMS and Contacts. In other words, truecaller can see your SMS including your bank balance and OTP, and also sell that data to financial companies and companies to start calling you for loans and other services as your bank balance details.

How To Secure From It

If you ever installed the truecaller application on your device that means your contacts have already been uploaded to their database and you can do nothing about that.

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It’s not just truecaller but all of the similar apps on this same principle as truecaller. I hope this information is helpful for you and make sure to share it with others to make them aware. Have a nice day.