Don’t Send Images As Documents On WhatsApp!

WhatsApp is a very important and useful application with great features and now it’s a part of our daily life to use WhatsApp for sharing information and data with our contacts.

If you’re an iPhone user then your friends or relatives always say you to send their images from your device as a document file because it maintains the original quality of images if we send it as a document file instead of direct uploading.

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But did you know it is also possible to trace the location, date and time, device model, etc. information that can be extracted from your original image file this data of the image is known as Exif data.

What Is Exif Data?

When we click a photo using our camera, mobile, etc. devices then data like location, longitude and gratitude, device model name, camera model, camera settings, date and time, etc. also stored with that image file and it is known as EXIF data and can be viewed by anyone who has that image using some online websites and software. It is also known as metadata.

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How To Remove Exif Data From Images

When we upload an image to the server of social apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp then the EXIF data of that image is also removed and the size of the image is reduced.

But if we directly send the image original file as a document on WhatsApp then the metadata is also will remain with that image file and can be viewed by anyone who has that image.

There are some websites on google like verexif.com that can remove metadata or EXIF data of any image.

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I hope this information is helpful for you and make sure to share this information with your friends and relatives and make them aware of EXIF data, have a nice day.