Best Websites To Learn Linux For Completely Free


Linux is the most powerful operating system with huge community support and an open-source operating system. If you're a person who is interested in computers and security or penetration testing of networks then this is the best operating choice ever.

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Linux basically works on a graphical as well as command line user interface that provides users more transparency in their research or operations. So today I will introduce you to some websites that can be really helpful for you to learn Linux with a good understanding.


Techmint website publishes articles in a person-to-person language like you and me, so the visitors can easily understand the objectives and topics. You will find tips, tutorials, guides, etc. related posts there.


Linuxize is a Linux sysadmin and DevOps blog that publishes articles about server operations, new techniques, and Linux security guides.

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Linux Hint

Linux Hint blog site basically posts articles related to Linux cheat sheets, Useful Linux commands, etc. If you're already familiar with the Linux operating system then this website can be really helpful or informative for you in learning more secret tricks and commands of Linux.

Linux Journey

Linux Journey is a Linux e-learning free platform, especially for beginners or who don't know how to start from a completely basic level. You will find different sections for learning Linux commands, Text-Fu, Advance Text-Fu, User Management, etc.

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