Evil-Droid For Bind Metasploit Payload With Apk Files


Evil-Droid is a framework which helps you generate undetectable metasploit payload and bind payload with apk files, Change name and icon, etc.


  • Metasploit-Framework
  • Apktool
  • xterm
  • Zenity
  • Aapt
  • Zipalign


$ git clone https://github.com/M4sc3r4n0/Evil-Droid.git

$ cd EEvil-Droid

$ chmod +x evil-droid

$ sudo ./evil-droid

Now wait until all installation done. Once installation process completed then you can use Evil-Droid using given command.

$ sudo ./evil-droid

Now select your option and processed.

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Happy Hacking...!

Mohit Saran (Hacker's King)