Unlimited Free Port Forwarding Without Ngrok

Hello and welcome back friends we are come back with another excited tutorial in which we learn how to get free port forwarding without ngrok. So without wasting more time let's get started.

Follow Simple Steps

Name - Enter Any name
Type - Select OpenVPN
Proto  - Select your port
Comment - Leave blank

Now proceed and download the file.

  • Click on Maping Rules and fill details as given below.

Configuration - Default
Protocol - tcp
Hostname - 1.Default 2. portmap.io
Port on Portmap.io - Default
Port on your PC - Your Port (Example - 9999)
And Proceed with this maping rules.

OpenVPN Setup

Download OpenVPN in your system from officla website for windows and from play store for android type given commands for linux or debain.

$ sudo apt-get install OpenVPN

Start OpenVPN and use download script to start it.

You successfully setup all the requirements.

In My Case ⬇

tcp://kinghacker0-39180.portmap.io:39180 => 99999

Green - MyLocalHost
Blue - Forwarding Port
Red - MyGivenPort

Your Local Host - YourName-ForwarindgPort.portmap.io

Your Listener Port - YourGivenPort

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Mohit Saran (Hacker's King)