Make Auto Allow All Permissions OF Any Apk

Hi guys we are come back with another excited reverse engineering tutorial in which we are going to make any apk (Payload) auto allow all permissions. It's not big deal to make an apk auto allow and doesn't required any android app development skills. You just need a sharp mind and if you have then let's get started.

Mainly Backdoor or Payloads are auto allow permissions features but some of the Spywares or RAT need manually allow permissions because they are installed manually in victim device. So we need to make some changes in their mainfist.xml file. We are using Apk-Editor in android for this purpose.

Download - Apk-Editor Pro

  • Open Apk-Editor and select your apk file.
  • Now click on common edit option and change the values as given below
Minimum SDK Version - DefaultTarget SDK Version       - 20

Now click on save button and boom ! now your apk is auto allow permissions.You can also edit main.xml and change values according to you but if you did something wrong then it cause an error so be carefully.

So the main principle of auto allow permissions apk is the SDK version.

I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still have any question or suggestion then feel free to comment below and make sure to follow us for future updates. Have a nice day.

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Mohit Saran(Hacker's King)