Change MainActivity Logo Of Payload Using Any-Apk Tool

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Android's higher version than 7+ easily detect Metasploit payload apk and if you directly send row payload to target device then nobody going to install it, here comes our new tool Any-Apk in which helps you in reverse engineering MSF payload apk.
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You can install both requirements directly using the command apt-get install in Linux.

Any-Apk Tool:- 

You can generate Apk payloads with different icons and names using the Any-Apk tool or script.

apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
apt install zipalign apktool apksigner -y
git clone https://github.com/kinghacker0/Any-Apk
cd Any-Apk && bash any-apk.sh

Now you just need to enter your details and wait until it generates a payload for you and you can also replace the icon.png file with any other icon.png file so it gives your payload a different look.

Note :- You need to sign this apk payload with Apk-Editor pro for make it fully undetectable.

Download - Apk-Editor Pro

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