Secret Instagram Hacking and Information Gathering Tools On Github

Every 8 people out of 10 on the Internet or even our real-life friends ask "How to hack Instagram" when they know we like to do hacking or pent-testing.

In this article, I'll introduce you to some of the powerful tools available on the Internet that can be really helpful in Instagram or Facebook data or information gathering.

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One of the most powerful Instagram Information gathering and data-scraping tools.

Osintgram is an OSINT tool designed specifically for Instagram. This tool is capable of gathering a wealth of information about Instagram users, including their posts, comments, and even their followers. Osintgram allows investigators to analyze this information and use it to build a profile of a user or a group of users.


 It is a social engineering tool that can trace exact GPS location, User agent, IP Geolocation, etc. while you are even offline. The tool hosts a fake website that uses an iframe to display a legit website and, if the target allows it, it will fetch the Gps location of the target along with IP Address and Device Information.

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It is a powerful tool for password cracking, information gathering, data scraping, and Dorking. It helps you to crack a password by attempting different guess passwords from your wordlist to a particular Facebook account.

It totally depends on your wordlist the time of password cracking and the rate of success.

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I hope this information is helpful for you and if you are passionate about learning or don't even know anything about coding or hacking, enroll in our course and learn everything within weeks from our experts.